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Wayuu: A tribe of dreams, legacy and color.

Located in the Colombian Guajira Peninsula and in the Venezuelan northwest, accompanied by the sound of the sea and the red of their desert, the Wayuu are an indigenous community that has preserved their beliefs and traditions for many years thanks to their essence, their love for the nature and the way they feel and want to express their life. Their warrior spirit and their pride in showing and transmitting the heritage of their ancestors helped them win many battles they have had throughout their history, being today one of the strongest and most solid tribes in recent times.

It's all about women!

The Wayuu are an indigenous people with a matriarchal identity; women play a very important role in their communities and are in charge of hand-weaving beautiful bags with many colors and different designs.

The Wayuu bags are a form of expression that the women of this tribe have to show their dreams and their inner spirit, relating each of their works with elements of the natural environment. These bags are part of their cultural legacy and it is something they learn to do from an early age.

The designs embodied in each of the Wayuu bags are known as Kanas, which consist of a fabric of stylized geometric figures that represent the love and appreciation that Wayuu women have when it comes to spinning. It is said that the more complex the figure, the more value the piece acquires. The weaving of these designs can take between 10 to 15 days, since the Wayuu bags are made entirely by hand and no machine is used to spin them.

For Wayuu women it is difficult to market their creations, since they are located in regions very far from the big cities, that is why at Yancy Handmade we want to transmit their legacy and make their beautiful designs known throughout the world, through our website, to not to forget such a beautiful process and that this is a source of income for them and their families.

 Get to know their beautiful bags and fall in love with their culture and tradition!