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Capital Wool Poncho

Capital Wool Poncho

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Created in the Andes by Ecuadorian artisans, this wool poncho is a unique piece of sustainable fashion, 100% handwoven with a colorful design inspired by the legacy of the region's indigenous tribes.

The fine wool fibers make this poncho the ideal accessory for those cold days, where you want to look amazing and fresh, it also has a hood that allows you to protect your head and ears from low temperatures.

The production of this product is completely handmade, an artisan takes about a week to weave a poncho and puts all his love and dedication into it.

YANCY HANDMADE is proud to show the talent and work of these artisans who are far from the big cities.


  • 100% hand-woven.
  • Woven on handmade wooden looms.
  • Colorful designs.
  • Materials: 100% Sheep wool
  • Hand wash
  • Dimensions: 31.5 Height X 41.5 Length  (inches).
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