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Mor Vegan Bag

Mor Vegan Bag

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This bag is the work of a group of artisan women who are located in 2 regions of Colombia (the Atlantic region and the Nariño Region). where they combine their ideas and knowledge about different weaving techniques to create the most incredible designs from resistant palm fibers.

This bag is the perfect accessory for you who are looking to bring a part of nature into your style, since it is a 100% hand-woven piece with palm fibers that are transformed through an artisan process into the threads that weave this bag.

The women artisans of these two regions put their effort and dedication into making beautiful designs exclusively using the elements of nature, in order to stop the waste of raw materials and return to nature what belongs to it.

**The handle of this bag is made from the tagua palm, which grows on the banks of tropical rivers in Colombia, it is 100% natural and without any type of industrial transformation.**

YANCY HANDMADE seeks to publicize the beautiful work of these women, who through their tradition seek to impact the world with truly sustainable fashion.


  • 9 x 6 x 5.5 Inches (approximately)
  • (Length x Height x Width)
  • This bag is handmade using weaving techniques. sizes, patterns, shading and details may var
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