From The Natural To The Great

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Proud of his beliefs and traditions coming from the indigenous Zenu tribe, Reinel is an artisan who has dedicated a large part of his life to the weaving of the tropical plant; caña de flecha, this has allowed him to support his family and keep alive the tradition of his people. At the age of eight he was taught artisan weaving and since then he has made great works of art, which have allowed him to meet great people, such as Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II. Reinel specializes in the design and braiding of vueltiaos hats, he is a benchmark of Colombian artisans worldwide and passionate about what he does. transmits his art to children and youth from different regions in Colombia, so that they remember and preserve the heritage of their indigenous ancestors


Cindy, a creative, intelligent and very brave young woman, who despite the adversities in her life, teaches us that there is no limit to doing what we love. For six years she has been dedicated to weaving bags in Palma de Iraca, transforming the natural into beautiful designs and giving her special touch to each of her works. Cindy specializes in different braiding and spinning techniques, is a reference in her community and an example to follow for children and young people.

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