Our Story

YANCYHANDMADE arose from the idea of ​​Andres Yancy, an 85-year-old grandfather, who wanted to show the art and culture of indigenous and artisan communities in his region, which, far from the big cities, struggled to sell their products and receive the recognition their work deserves.

Andres Yancy in 2018 traveled to the United States and with the support of his daughter Ana they began to promote the culture and art of their region through 100% handmade products made with elements of nature by indigenous tribes and artisans from Colombia. Currently, Andres and Ana support families from 6 indigenous tribes and artisans from their country, including the Wayuu tribe, Arhuacos, Zenu, Mokana, Embera Chami and Kankuamos Tribe.

Ana is always participating in various local markets around the United States and has a great team that helps her with social networks and the website, to continue proudly showing the work of the artisans of her community and also being able to include new communities and new products that are also far from the big cities and deserve their work to be recognized and valued.