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Our Story

Yancy Handmade was born as an idea of ​​the entrepreneur Ana Yancy and her father Andres Yancy, to promote and publicize worldwide the products made by indigenous communities and Colombian artisans, since Ana's childhood It took place in La Guaijira and in Cesar, where she had the opportunity to share many experiences and teachings by of the different indigenous tribes of the region, and it was there that he realized the importance of these handicrafts and their elaboration for indigenous communities.

Each of the elements, symbols and decorations that are embodied in these products represent the heritage of their ancestors, the spiritual connection with nature and the day-to-day experiences of each of the people who They make them, because more than a product is a story told by the craftsman who made it.


In addition, Yancy Handmade also wants to show all the potential that Colombian artisans have in converting nature into true works of art, put aside mass production and generate employment for people who are in remote places that have no way to exhibit their crafts to the world. Yancy Handmade dreams of a sustainable world and We are going to achieve this project and the help of each one of you.