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Yancy Vueltiao Hat 21 vueltas (laps)

Yancy Vueltiao Hat 21 vueltas (laps)

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This hat, 100% woven with palm fibers, is a sample of the creativity and love that our artisans have when it comes to making it. The technique with which this hat was made is an artisan process that has been transmitted from generation to generation, making this product a reference for Colombia in the world.

Its design makes it the perfect accessory for summer, being made from palm fibers makes it a resistant and very cool hat. Also its large size is ideal to protect your face on those very sunny days.

This piece represents the culture and tradition of a town known as Tuchin (northern Colombia), which despite being far from the big cities and a place that very few visit, managed to be on the lips of many by making its famous hat ( the vueltiao Hat) and give it as a present for great people like Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.

YANCY HANDMADE is very happy to be able to bring the art of the people of Tuchin and the creativity of its people to more parts of the world.


Original Hat 21 vueltas (laps). Guaranteed
100% Genuine of Highest Quality
Adjustable Strap
Soft and Light
Hat Can Be Folded Very Compactly, Carried In A Pocket, And Readily Unfolded

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